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Quercus is a magical place where there are no strangers, and all who visit become family.  A possibility to customize unique experiences, offer inspired farm-to-table meals, and encourage guests to take part in new experiences and opportunities.

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Our History

Quercus Farm was founded in 1977 by Duke and Duchess Visconti di Modrone, who fell in love with a piece of heaven in Gay, Georgia while looking to escape a troubling political time in Italy. They wanted to raise their family on a working farm, surrounded by nature. By the following year, their family was complete, their home was built, and they officially opened Quercus Farm in 1978.

Initially, the property was a fully functional ranch where they bred Limousin cattle. The Duchess soon became one of the top breeders of Scottish Terriers and traveled all over the United States and Europe showing her prized dogs. It also became a fertile hunting reserve for the Duke and Duchess’ European guests who enjoyed the thrill of hunting quail and Georgia white tail deer. Friends came from all over the world to escape the hectic pace of urban life and left with a renewed sense of relaxation after being completely immersed in nature and fully nourished, both physically and spiritually. We hope to continue that tradition of mental and physical nourishment as we open our farm to guests today.

traditional ranch culture and southern hospitality with a European flair

Quercus Today

Today, family remains the cornerstone of Quercus Farm, which is now in the capable hands of the Visconti di Modrones’ daughter, Chiara, and her husband, Angelos. Chiara and Angelos believe that nutrition, movement, and immersion in nature are essential to living life to the fullest; They came together with Kara and Ryan, owners of acclaimed Atlanta restaurant Staplehouse to curate the Quercus guest experience based on these principles.

Ryan’s culinary skills, Kara’s attentive and warm hospitality, Angelos’ passion for biodynamics, coupled with Chiara’s professional experience in integrative nutrition, have led them to create what is now a boutique and bespoke experiential vacation retreat.

The landscape is diverse and consists of over 3,800 acres composed of rolling hills, wooded trails, a bamboo forest, two lakes and both Red Oak Creek and the Flint River that flow through the property.

Intuitas Integrative Wellness at Quercus

Also on the Quercus property is Intuitas Wellness, the property’s resident nutrition company. Founder Chiara Visconti di Modrone, guides our clients on their path to health through nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle support. As an integrative nutritionist, she encourages you to empower yourself to make lasting and sustainable changes that not only make you feel better, but help you thrive.

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Quercus Farm is managed by a family and staff that is well-traveled and experienced when it comes to customer service and fine detail

Chiara Visconti di Modrone

Wellness Maven

Kara Hidinger

Director of Hospitality

Ryan Smith

Chef / Partner

Angelos Pervanas

Garden Visionary

Lisa Witzlib

Mind-Body Specialist

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