Casting Lessons

At Quercus, you will receive one-on-one individualized guidance from our own fly-fishing guide. Our instructor will patiently walk you through everything from casting, to fly selection, to presentation to ensure you have the knowledge required to become an independent angler. This class is perfect for the beginner angler, and we recommend this learning experience prior to a guided trip on the Flint River.

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Fly fishing on the flint.

Float and Fish

We provide both guided walk/wade trips as well as all-day float trips. From technical dry fly fishing to streamer stripping, you’ll get the full fly-fishing experience here at Quercus.

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Fly Tying

Enjoy a private, customized one-hour class on fly tying, the art of making your own lures.

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discover Quercus

If you just want to learn the basics or if you’re an avid cook yourself, cooking classes at the Quercus Farm are a culinary experience you will never forget. Every class offers an authentic hands-on experience.

With several casting ponds as well as Red Oak Creek and the Flint River running through our property, Quercus has something to offer anglers of all levels.

Bring your bike to the farm to experience miles of quiet country roads, idyllic for cyclers.

At Quercus Farm, we aim to offer the rare opportunity of active, outdoor activities combined with a well-pampered, hospitality experience.

A private working ranch that is home to a cattle growing operation, an equine events arena, a heard of quarter horses sharing land with a large flock of pastured chickens.

At Quercus Farm we use sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods to raise our produce as naturally and organically and possible.

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