Field Sports

From tuning up your shotgun skills at the sporting clay course to classic early morning hunts, Quercus in partnership with Big Red Oak has all your Field Sporting needs covered.

quercus field sports


Sporting Clays

Just down the road from the farm is Big Red Oak Plantation. Here you have the opportunity to hone your shotgun skills and try your hand at clay target shooting at one of three neighboring 100-round sporting clay courses. They are known to throw a wide variety of presentations, from a downhill and vertical teal, to chandelles and rabbits. Be ready for anything at this world-class range.

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Sporting clays in the evening


In collaboration with our neighbor, Big Red Oak Plantation, we offer an authentic Southern-style quail hunt. Each hunting party consists of one guide with a minimum of four trained dogs and two to three hunters. Big Red Oak Plantation has specially equipped Jeeps and golf carts for hunters who might have difficulty navigating the terrain on foot. Both half-day and full-day hunts are available.

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Bow Hunting

Bring your bow and experience a once-in-a-lifetime guided archery hunt across acres of private land right in the heart of Georgia deer country! Your hunt will include a private guide, on-site transportation, and field dressing of game. You will need your completed Hunter Safety course and a certified tag for this area to hunt deer. Deer processing is available for an additional cost.

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discover Quercus

At Quercus, we aim to offer the rare opportunity of active, outdoor activities combined with a well-pampered, hospitality experience.

A private working ranch that is home to a cattle growing operation, an equine events arena, a heard of quarter horses sharing land with a large flock of pastured chickens.

At Quercus we use sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods to raise our produce as naturally and organically and possible.

Rucking is the simple act of walking or hiking with a loaded backpack, commonly known as a "rucksack" or "ruck."

With several casting ponds as well as Red Oak Creek and the Flint River running through our property, Quercus has something to offer anglers of all levels.

Bring your bike to the farm to experience miles of quiet country roads, idyllic for road cyclers.

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