We are proud to offer natural ingredients grown both here on our farm and from other local producers

Dinner at the Barnhouse

Quercus Restaurant

At Quercus Restaurant, we offer intimate dining experiences, prepared by award-winning chef Ryan Smith. Included with your stay is nightly dinner service, featuring a multi-course tasting menu of fresh, innovative cuisine served in a classically bucolic atmosphere.

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Scenic Picnics

Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy an al fresco dining experience at one of our scenic farm picnic destinations. Choose from Lakeside, Creekside, or enjoy a catered lunch experience in the privacy of our own Pecan Grove.

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Afternoon picnic at the Pecan Grove.

Eating Organically

Along with other biodynamic teachings, we believe in eating seasonally, and our menu shifts accordingly to reflect the best of what each season has to offer. We want all our guests to discover the holistic process of how the food they’re eating gets from our farm to their plate. During your stay, we invite you to take a garden tour with our head gardener, sit down one-on-one with our in-house nutritionist, and spend time with Chef Smith as you partake in a culinary demonstration.

The Chef

Our most recent addition to the Quercus family, Ryan Smith, joins us with over 18 years of service to the Greater Atlanta community. Ryan is also the Chef/Partner at the award-winning Staplehouse restaurant in Downtown Atlanta.

Since opening in September 2015, Staplehouse has been named Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant in America and GQ’s Best New Restaurant with featured segments on NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Mornings, CNN, and TODAY. And if that’s not enough, Ryan was a James Beard finalist for best chef Southeast in 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Ryan’s ability to craft meaningful culinary moments is what makes him such an invaluable asset to all of us here at Quercus Farm. Meals and memories go hand in hand, and it’s with great pride that we open our doors to a chef who’s sure to deliver an unforgettable menu filled with rich farm-to-table experiences that will last a lifetime.

Join us and be prepared to experience the absolute pinnacle of farm-to-table cuisine courtesy of Master Chef Ryan Smith.

discover Quercus

At Quercus, we aim to offer the rare opportunity of active, outdoor activities combined with a well-pampered, hospitality experience.

A private working ranch that is home to a cattle growing operation, an equine events arena, a heard of quarter horses sharing land with a large flock of pastured chickens.

At Quercus we use sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods to raise our produce as naturally and organically and possible.

Rucking is the simple act of walking or hiking with a loaded backpack, commonly known as a "rucksack" or "ruck."

With several casting ponds as well as Red Oak Creek and the Flint River running through our property, Quercus has something to offer anglers of all levels.

Bring your bike to the farm to experience miles of quiet country roads, idyllic for road cyclers.

Taste the Journey

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