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At Quercus Farm, we use sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods to raise our produce as naturally and organically as possible. Biodynamic farms bring plants, animals, and soil together in collaboration, so they can support each other in perfect unison. These methods help us restore the soil, replenishing the balance of nutrients while creating healthy produce. We believe our farming methods should help preserve the local wildlife, plant biodiversity, and natural habitat.

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Quercus Farm is proud to announce that our garden is officially Certified Naturally Grown!


What is biodynamics? “The basis of the idea is that for food to provide the best nourishment possible; where the food comes from and how it is grown must be treated as a whole dynamic. This means that the soil, animals, people, plant life, and any other forms of life that are in the growing area are all interconnected and should be treated as such to yield the best nourishment for everything involved.” - Josephine Porter

Certified Naturally Grown

We are deeply proud to share that our garden is officially Certified Naturally Grown. Here at Quercus Farm, our farming practices foster ecological balance and biodiversity. Our standards require a firm commitment to farm without synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered crops (GMOs). Our CNG certification reinforces Quercus' commitment to sustainability and the integrity of our farming methods by demonstrating environmentally sound agricultural practices. For a complete list of practices and standards, we encourage you to visit

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At Quercus, we aim to offer the rare opportunity of active, outdoor activities combined with a well-pampered, hospitality experience.

A private working ranch that is home to a cattle growing operation, an equine events arena, a heard of quarter horses sharing land with a large flock of pastured chickens.

At Quercus we use sustainable and biodynamic agricultural methods to raise our produce as naturally and organically and possible.

Rucking is the simple act of walking or hiking with a loaded backpack, commonly known as a "rucksack" or "ruck."

With several casting ponds as well as Red Oak Creek and the Flint River running through our property, Quercus has something to offer anglers of all levels.

Bring your bike to the farm to experience miles of quiet country roads, idyllic for road cyclers.

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