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Rediscovering Roots

Rediscovering Roots

The most profound lesson I learned from the recent pandemic reiterated the importance of reconnecting with nature in a way that I had not done since childhood. While certainly not undermining the heartache and tragedy that this time caused for many, COVID also provided us with the gift of time. When the whole world came to a complete standstill, we were left with nothing but time to contemplate our current situation. As I mused on our fate as beings on this planet, I had this sudden craving to return to my childhood farm and commune with the earth.

As luck would have it, at the time of the pandemic, my family and I were living in Atlanta, just a short drive to away from the farm where I spent all of my childhood. Prior to the pandemic, At the time, Quercus Farm was a our weekend retreat, that would often come second to a weekend birthday party or social event taking place in the city. Getting my husband, a desk bound financier, to come down for the weekends was a trial in and of itself! So, Quercus Farm would wait patiently for our urban family to come visit, if at all, for a mere 24-48 hours. Yet, when the initial days of the pandemic occurred, schools went online and businesses shut down, our family could not get to that little piece of heaven fast enough.

Armed with whatever groceries and “necessities” we thought we needed for the impending Armageddon, we arrived on our land that seemed to welcome us with open arms. We felt safe, sheltered,and so incredibly grateful to have the space to sit and unwind from the tremendous tension and fear that reverberated throughout the city and the world.

My daughters and I transitioned from city life to country life with such an ease and joy that I found I was kicking myself with the notion of “why did we not do this sooner?” Meanwhile, the transition was not as smooth and obvious for my husband. Of course, in the beginning, perhaps the first month, he was delighted to be out of the city. But being the man that he is, not having an active daily project was beginning to bother him. And so began his experimentation with the land, the land that sat so patiently waiting for us to return to it and tend to its beauty and needs.

I share this story with you, because I want to share the metamorphosis that my family and I have undergone to become who we are today. Stewards We have become stewards of the land and all the life and beauty it possesses. Intuitas Integrative Wellness was born out of my passion for health and wellness and that seed was planted, unbeknownst to me, years ago as I was growing up encircled by nature. Today, as I meld science with intuition, I find my body mimicking the cycle of nature in all aspects. From a natural circadian rhythm that compels me to wake and sleep in accordance with the sun, to changing my dietary habits as the seasons change. This intuition comes easy for me as I am surrounded by the natural rhythms of the earth and its creatures, and it is my hope to try to educate my clients with this primordial but forgotten way of living.

You see, what I have recently been reminded of is that integrative nutrition does not have to be shared from an office space. The principals of my practice stem from nature: eat whole food, seasonal and local, move continuously, get sun and sleep, expose your body to healthy stressors and calm your nervous system with some form of spiritual practice. All these principals simply come from mother earth:; she is our muse.

I invite you to join me as I continue to educate my clients on health and wellness, but with reverence to what truly holds the answers to many of our questions, the natural world. Now, you will find me surrounded by my animals and children, walking the land, foraging for foods and medicinal plants, communing with my horses for my own mental benefits, and experimenting with our resident chef, Michael, in the kitchen. I am preparing and holding space here at Quercus for anyone to come join me virtually or in person, for some immersive wellness work in nature.

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